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An ICW is an event that takes place "in conjunction with" the Annual Meeting but is scheduled and organized as a separate event. These events are not sponsored by any AOM division, interest group, or committee. ICWs provide a valuable opportunity for organizations, universities, and/or groups to host an event or gathering at the Annual Meeting, where many of their participants are conveniently located in one area.  ICWs are scheduled within the AOM contracted properties where Annual Meeting sessions take place. The Annual Meeting locations are posted on the housing website in February. All ICW requests must be submitted through the AOM Submission Center, which will begin in late April. The AOM Submission Center captures special requests such as preferred day, time, location, number of people expected to attend, outdoor preferences, if the session should be listed in the program, etc. Also, all ICW events are scheduled based upon room and space availability at each property, therefore all requests are not guaranteed. (NOTE: Please refrain from contacting the Annual Meeting properties directly as they are unable to release any space to outside organizations.)

ICW organizers do not need to be AOM members or registered for the meeting to submit an ICW request. However, anyone attending the ICW event onsite, must be registered to attend the meeting and must be a member of the Academy of Management. Attendee badges will be checked upon entry into each session.

ICW events require a nominal fee, based upon the size of the event. The costs are provided below in Figure 1. Additional costs, such as catering orders or audio visual rental fees are additional and are the responsibility of the submitter/organizer. AOM does NOT have any involvement in placing orders or covering the costs for ICW-related equipment or expenses. All catering orders must be placed through the Convention Services Manager (CSM) at the appropriate property and the menus will be offered at the AOM negotiated conference rate. Outside food is not permitted.

ICW events cannot be used for interview purposes nor can they be used by an AOM division, interest group, or committee to obtain additional program time. However, DIGs are able to submit ICW events for non-AOM related events, such as Journal events or other outside events. Memorial services can also be scheduled as an ICW event and will receive a complimentary room for the event.

Please review the ICW FAQ Document for more details on how to submit an ICW event, the payment process, and additional instructions.

Figure 1.

Room Size per Square Foot

Banquet Rounds Capacity

Theatre Style Capacity

Reception Capacity


(per 4 hour block)

















> 271

> 392





  • Banquet rounds are round tables that accommodate 8-10 people at each table.
  • Theatre style is rows of chairs; tables are not provided.
  • Reception style provides high cocktail tables scattered throughout the room; chairs are not provided.
  • ICW events cannot be combined.
  • Each ICW event requires its own submission number (submission numbers are provided when the event is entered into the Submission Center).

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