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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the "Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings"?

The Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings is only published online. It includes abstracts of all papers and symposia presented at the annual conference. It also includes abridged versions of the "Best Papers" accepted for inclusion in the program.

When are the Annual Meeting Proceedings published?

The Proceedings are published once a year around July / August.

What are "Best Papers"?

"Best Papers" are approximately the top 10% of accepted papers as designated by the Program Chair of each division/interest group.

What is an "abridged" version of a "Best Paper"?

The abridged versions that are included in the Proceedings are about 6-pages long in contrast to the full-length papers which are up to 40-pages long.

Why an "abridged" version of a paper?

Papers published in the Proceedings are abridged because presenting papers at their full length may preclude subsequent journal publication.

How many "Best Paper" authors provide abridged "Best Papers"?

The participation rate has ranged from 90% to 95% in recent years.

How do authors know if their papers are "Best Papers"?

Authors are informed of the honor "Best Paper" in an email from the division Program Chairs. A "Best Paper" is identified in the Annual Meeting Program by a flag that is positioned next to the paper's title.

Why would a "Best Paper" author choose NOT to provide an abridged "Best Paper"?

Typically the full version of the paper varies a great deal from the Proceedings version and some journal editors might argue that having a piece appear in Proceedings constitutes pre-publication. We do not control the policies set forth by other associations or publishers and, as a result, we advise "Best Paper" authors to check with that particular publication's specific policies. Therefore, the responsibility for checking pre-publication issues resides with the author.

What happens to the "Best Paper" distinction if an author chooses to opt out?

A paper retains the designation of "Best Paper" even if the author opts out of providing an abridged version of their "Best Paper". This designation is still identified by a flag that is positioned next to the paper's title in the Annual Meeting Program.

How can I see the Proceedings that include the "Best Papers"?

AOM Members

Current and historical Proceedings are available to AOM members from the Proceedings archive. Current year Proceedings become available in July / August and can be accessed from the Proceedings website.


Abstracts are available for free. Non-members can purchase pay-per-view access to the abridged versions of Proceedings. The Academy of Management does not maintain a full archive of every full text version of papers presented at the Academy's annual meetings. See also "Do authors ever provide the full text version..."

Non-members can click on any link for "Full Text (PDF)" to purchase short-term access to the abridged "Best Papers". Users can gain 3-day access of the abridged article. The fee (2017) is USD 25. You can use the search feature to find a specific article.

Can I purchase access to the complete Proceedings volume containing all Best Papers and abstracts?

Please contact our subscription department via email:

I am an author of a Proceedings article that has been published. Can I still make changes to my "Best Paper"?

If required, an author may request to remove his/her article from the Academy's website. All authors and co-authors must provide WRITTEN approval to edit and/or remove a paper or an abstract. The fee to add, edit, or remove a paper or abstract is USD 350 per occurrence. Papers older than 5 years (from the online publication date) cannot be added, edited, or removed.

Do authors ever provide the full text version of their paper presentations at the Annual Meeting?

At the author's discretion, full text versions of papers are accessible from the Annual Meeting Online Program from approximately mid-June until the end of October. Only registrants for that year's Annual Meeting have access to those full text papers.

If you are not registered for the Annual Meeting or if a paper is not available from the Annual Meeting Online Program then you must contact the author(s) directly to obtain the full text version of the paper.

How can I obtain the full text paper that was previously presented at the Annual Meeting?

You must contact the author(s) directly to obtain the full text version of a paper.

My paper is under review at an AOM journal. Should I remove the full text version from the Annual Meeting website?

Yes. If a paper is under consideration at an AOM journal we do NOT allow the author to post the full paper to the AOM Annual Meeting website. We are cautious about preserving the integrity of the double blind review process and protective about the newness of the work.

My paper was accepted for presentation at the AOM Annual Meeting. The submitted paper was also accepted for presentation at another conference which takes place before AOM. Do I need to withdraw the paper from presentation at the AOM Annual Meeting?

Yes. If you've submitted something to the Academy as original research and it's accepted at the conference, it should NOT be presented elsewhere prior to the Annual Meeting conference.

How do I cite a Proceedings article?

Annual Meeting Presentation and Annual Meeting Proceedings citation style:

…for Presentations in symposia

  • Author(s) Last Name, First Initial. Article Title. Title of Symposium. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, CITY, STATE. MONTH YEAR.

…for Proceedings Best Paper

  • Author-Last-Name, Author-First-Name. YEAR. Paper-Title. Paper-DOI. In Editor-Name (Ed.), Proceedings of the <<Ordinal-number>> Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Online ISSN: 2151-6561.

A citation example:

  • Smith, Robert. 2017. What My Paper Looks Like. doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2017.123. In Guclu Atinc (Ed.), Proceedings of the Seventy-seventh Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Online ISSN: 2151-6561.

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