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Call for Papers: Sociocognitive Perspectives in Strategy and Strategic Management


Call for Papers

Academy of Management Review Special Topic Forum


Submission Dates: April 1-April 30, 2017

Guest Editors: Mike Pfarrer, Cindy Devers, Kevin Corley, Joep Cornelissen, Don Lange, Rich Makadok, Kyle Mayer, and Libby Weber

How a firm is perceived has implications for strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and firm outcomes. However, strategy researchers have traditionally devoted less attention to sociocognitive and social psychological theories that address these implications. Instead, they have typically relied on economic, case-based, or phenomenological explanations. Thus, classic strategy assumptions, boundary conditions, predictions, and applications about firm behaviors may limit our understanding of strategy and strategic management in the twenty-first century.

For this special topic forum (STF), we seek conceptual papers that use a sociocognitive lens to help expand our theoretical understanding of strategy and strategic management. In the context of this STF, a sociocognitive perspective encompasses how stakeholders, strategic decision makers, and other observers perceive, interpret, attribute, and make sense of an organization's strategic processes, actions, and related outcomes.

The goal of this STF is to enhance knowledge and advance theory in an integral domain of management scholarship while also augmenting well-known frameworks for teaching and practice. Specifically, we invite theoretical contributions that address how social perceptions affect key concepts and topic areas in strategy and strategic management, including (but not limited to)

  • performance and competitive advantage;
  • resources, capabilities, and core competencies;
  • knowledge, learning, and innovation;
  • firm boundaries and the make-or-buy decision;
  • alliances and other interfirm relationships;
  • industry and environmental effects on firm actions and outcomes;
  • level and process of differentiation;
  • level and process of diversification;
  • competitive decisions and rivalry;
  • early and late mover advantage;
  • entry strategies; and
  • the process and implementation of business-level and corporate-level strategies.

Following AMR's Information for Contributors  (, submissions must advance theory or the theory development process in the areas of strategy and strategic management, and as detailed above. Authors can achieve this objective by developing new theory, significantly challenging current theory, synthesizing recent advances and ideas into fresh theory, or initiating a search for new theory by pointing out and carefully delineating a novel type of problem.

Submissions that include empirical tests of theory, case analyses, primary use of formal theory, symbols, and syntactic language, as well as submissions that are data driven, will not be sent out for review. However, submissions that use formal theory in an ancillary role to support rigorous and novel theoretical development as described above will be considered.

The STF is open to many formats and styles of presentation. We encourage potential contributors to review previous issues and the AMR Best Article Winners Collection ( to see the breadth of theoretical contributions. Formal research propositions are not required. Authors should also explicitly and persuasively present the research and practical implications of their work.


The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM (EST) on April 30, 2017. All submissions must be uploaded to the Manuscript Central/Scholar One website ( between April 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. The review process will begin after the submission deadline. Guidelines for contributors ( and the AMR Style Guide for Authors must be followed. Submissions that do not adhere to the style guidelines will be returned to the authors.

We also encourage submitters to recommend a guest editor from the STF editorial team and/or potential reviewers in order to facilitate the review process. Submitters may also be asked to review for the STF.

For questions about submissions, contact AMR's managing editor ( For questions about the content of this STF, contact Cindy Devers (, Mike Pfarrer (, or any of the other members of the STF editorial team.

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